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Hlaingtharyar & Htantabin (Yangon Division)

Myanmar is home to both a large number of undocumented individuals. According to government census data, 27% of people lack legal identity documents. The Citizenship Scrutiny Card (CSC) currently represent the core legal identity document of citizens of Myanmar. Lack of a CSC hinders people’s ability to enjoy protection of their civil and political rights, access services, and may put them at risk of statelessness. A variety of factors contribute to people’s inability to access legal identity documents.

Hlaingtharyar of Yangon Region which has received huge internal migration from other parts of the country. Braveheart work in this location with enhanced performance by our paralegals, we anticipate to assist more clients in the township to reduce the number of undocumented people (estimated as many as 200,000 based on the figures unofficially disclosed by the immigration officer), to investigate common barriers blocking local residents in accessing to civil documentations, and find durable solutions to those challenges.

Kengtung (Eastern Shan State)

    Kengtung, the capital city of Shan East, shares borders with China and Thailand and is home to diverse ethnic groups such as Lahu, Akha, Ann, and Palaung, with the majority are Shan. Most residents live in rural areas and rely on agriculture as their primary source of income, but many youths migrate to China or Thailand. However, without legal identity documents, they face difficulties in exercising basic rights such as owning property and mobility.

    Language barriers and inferiority leave these individuals socially isolated and vulnerable to exploitation, including human trafficking. While local government departments and development agencies provide relief and aid to these communities, their efforts cannot be sustained without legal documentation.

    The ethnic minorities in Kengtung face discrimination, language barriers, and inaccessibility, which create difficulties in accessing procedures and documents. Braveheart aims to empower the community by fostering community-based paralegals and volunteers to help their immediate communities.

    Hlaingtharyar (Yangon)

    Kengtung (eastern Shan State)