Our History

Year 2000

English Language Training Center

Founded as a English language training center for youth, ….

Year 2005

Braveheart Pre-School

Established as a Braveheart Pre-School to provides a foundational start for children ages 2-5 through a fun and proven educational curriculum, gymnastics and more! ….

Year 2009

Voter and Civic Education Program

Braveheart foundation engaged in Voter education and Civic education since 2009, aimed to provide greater political transparency and accountability, encouraging critical thinking and active community engagement among Myanmar people ….

Year 2009

Child Consultation and Child Rights

Braveheart Foundation started working on Child Rights issue supporting from Save the Children, to activate and strengthen child rights committees at the local level to protect children’s rights. ….

Year 2010

Braveheart e-Library

Braveheart has established the e-Library at 2010 to empower children and youth for their education, information and development need. ….

Year 2010

Vocational Training Program

Braveheart provides a foundational start for youth through Vocational Training Program, ….

Year 2011

Parliamentary Eduction Program

From early 2011, Braveheart fundation engaged in Parliamentary education training program at Myanmar, ….

Year 2012

National Races Affairs

Active in National Races Affairs movement since 2012, ….

Year 2012

Activities on Land Rights

Braveheart has extended to Land Rights movement, ….

From 2017 to NOW!

Paralegal services on identity and legal documentation

Braveheart foundation engaged Paralegal model to empower community for civil identity and legal documentation ….