Ethnic Rights

Myanmar is an ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups officially recognized by the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Braveheart Foundation promotes the rights of each ethnic group living in Myanmar and studies and researches their culture, historical sources, languages, characteristics, and lifestyles. We aim to help each ethnic group in the process of reconciliation and provide education and protection to ensure that their customs and traditions do not disappear.

Four fundamental pillars of our competitive mechanism for Ethnic Rights

Youth Leadership

Protection of Ethnic Rights

Aiming to prevent ethnic groups from losing their citizenship rights and lack of legal identities, providing them with education and technical advice in the CSC( Citizenship Scrutiny Card) application process so that they can possess/hold citizenship documents and not miss any opportunity that every citizen should get. Our paralegals assist the clients in obtaining the protection of the law in justice-related matters occurring in ethnic communities. Elevating access to justice for ethnic communities is very beneficial and leads to positive impacts.

Elevation of cultural heritage & literary traditions

Regarding ethnic customs and traditional culture do not disappear, our team has studied and researched the culture, historical sources, languages, characteristics, and lifestyles of the ethnic groups. In addition, we share our studies and research with the ethnic communities so that the new generations and other ethnic people can also be aware of their cultural rights and learn to preserve their cultures, heritage, and traditions.

Regional Development

In the process of ethnic regional development, we mediate and network the government organizations, non-governmental organizations, the elders, and the indigenous people to bring discussion forums and dialogue involving multi-sectoral people. We help ethnic communities configure the security of indigenous women, cultural preservation, environmental protection, legal awareness training and disaster prevention.

Fostering multi-ethnic Youth Leadership

The role of youth which is the future of the country, is crucial, thus, Braveheart provides ethnic young people pieces of training on legal awareness so that they can elaborate on what they learned in their ethnic communities. Furthermore, we also identify ethnic young people who can represent their ethnic communities and raise them to preserve their heritage, traditions, and cultures from generation to generation.

Rakhine Civil Society Forum 2019

Chaired by the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs (Rakhine), Yangon Region Government and supported by the Braveheart Foundation.