Braveheart helps FCPN distributing cash donation to the needy in Hlaingtharyar


Many people in Hlaingtharyar are quite poor and recent lockdowns had huge impacts on their livelihood. They need rapid assistance to continue living and fighting back the pandemic. FCPN (Free Cash Program for the Needy), led by the movie star “Zenn Kyi”, has been providing MMK 10,000 for the needy people in combating Covid-19. To maximize resources, FCPN requested Braveheart to distribute those cash donation to needy households in Hlaingtharyar.
Through community-based paralegals from Braveheart, 500 households from both Hlaingtharyar East and West were provided FCPN envelopes containing MMK 10000 each. Recipients are mostly the aged, disables and poor. For such a timely assistance, Braveheart extends our heartfelt thanks to FCPN and its supporters.