BRAVEHEART Foundation is a local organization assisting Myanmars on citizenship and ethnic rights issues whilst respecting human rights. BRAVEHEART actively engages in democratization process in Myanmar by amplifying public concerns into policy making. It also partners with like-minded organizations and individuals to produce collective voices and advocacy efforts.

What We Do

Legal identity is the basic requirement for everyone to enjoy their fundamental citizenship rights. Lacking civil documents affects in one’s daily life including freedom of movement, access to public services and many other things. Braveheart Foundation tries to assist undocumented people to access legal identity through community-based paralegals in project areas. It also provides legal counseling through social media to promote public awareness and understand the application process.

People received Awareness on Legal Identity

Clients received Legal Assistance on Application Process

Clients acquired Civil Documents

Promoting legal awareness over the importance of legal identity

Legal identity is the basic requirement to enjoy the citizenship rights and public services including banking, communication, healthcare, education and freedom of movement, etc. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of that linkage and tend to overlook applying those documents. Braveheart paralegals are trying to bring their attention using several methodologies.

Building teamwork – Growing together

Building teamwork – Growing together Braveheart team made an outdoor trip last week to relax and escape from tiring work space among several challenges. Members from Head Office and Hlaingtharyar...

If Citizenship Scrutiny Card is Lost or Damaged!

This article provides a summary of the steps to take if the card is lost or damaged due to pick-pocketing or carelessness enabling individuals to reapply for a new one. In summary, the loss or...

Volunteers and Justice Issues

Volunteers and Justice Issues   Paralegals solve justice issues together with volunteers and make referrals. They give awareness to the communities, use the laws, and help others to identify...

Community-Based Paralegal and Active Clients

Community-based paralegals in Kengtung: Empowering communities through legal support and awarenessParalegals in Kengtung, one of the project area of Braveheart, are working alongside both active...

Our Activities

Grassroots Justice Network _ Myanmar

Grassroots Justice Network Myanmar (GJN-M) is a network of organizations and individuals in Myanmar promoting legal empowerment and access to justice. GJN-M works on various thematic issues for access to justice in Myanmar. GJN-M conducts public legal education, advocacy, capacity-building and incubation of Paralegals and collaboration with partners to promote the rule of law and inclusive legal system in Myanmar.